• WebIDE is an intelligent tutor system designed for the first few weeks when learning to write computer programs.
  • WebIDE is an install-free, super-simple development environment with the familiarity of the web.
    • Eventually students will need to learn a professional editor and tools in a command-line environment and/or a GUI IDE, but WebIDE gives the option to skip all that and focus on programming from day one.
      chart showing how student scores improved when using WebIDE versus traditional static labs
  • WebIDE labs are organized into steps which must be mastered before allowing the student to advance. 
    • Many of the labs below use a test-driven approach, requiring the student to demonstrate that they understand a problem by giving examples and/or writing tests before going on to solve the problem. 
  • WebIDE has been shown to significantly improve student performance.  Read more on our Results page.
  • NEWS (6/15/12): We now have Python and Ruby support.  Check out the labs below.
  • NEWS (6/15/12): We now have persistence (i.e. you can save your labs).
  • NEWS (8/13/12): "Pay what you can" pricing on Java video course that uses WebIDE
  • NEWS (8/17/12): Watch a video demo of using WebIDE
  • NEWS (12/13/12): Preview of WebIDE version 2 
  • NEWS (3/30/13): Switched to WebIDE version 2 (new UI, lab scoring) 
Sample Courses

Below are a few sample labs organized into courses.   

  Introduction to Programming with Java
    Option 1: (complete these labs; your progress will not be saved)
Lab 3: Selection
Lab 5: Classes
Lab 6: Loops
Lab 7: Arrays
    Option 2: (login and save your progress)
           a. login here with a Google/gmail account (see upper-right corner)
           b. under Enrolled Courses, enter course code: 9jtjlufbbuxx  

  Introduction to Building Android Apps

Lab 3: TicTacToe

  Introduction to Programming with Python (NEW, more labs to come)

Lab X: Selection

  Introduction to Programming with Ruby (NEW, more labs to come)

Lab X: Selection

  Java Essentials for Android

This is a video course by Dr. David Janzen that uses WebIDE labs on Udemy.com
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Customize WebIDE

  Modify our labs or write your own

Check out the HowTo section, or contact the WebIDE team (team at web-ide.org) to learn more.  

  Setup your own course and see your students' progress

Login here with a Google/gmail account and create your own course, create labs, and add them to your course.

What's coming next?

WebIDE is stable for you to use today.  We are working to improve usability and aesthetics, and we look forward to seeing new labs and languages added to WebIDE.