How To

 > Create a lab
  1. write a lab in xml according to our Relax NG spec
    1. ok, you will probably need some help here
    2. check out this page with some examples and explanations of labs
    3. use existing external evaluators or write your own (see below)
    4. you can debug your labs by entering your url in the second box at  This will either open the lab or show a list of parsing errors.
  1. use this prototype lab authoring tool that saves xml lab files to Google Docs (deprecated)
  2. use this not-quite-ready-for-production WYSIWIG lab authoring tool created by some Cal Poly students (deprecated)
    1. you don't have to log in
    2. click "export" to see the xml file for your lab
    3. use existing external evaluators or write your own (see below)
 > Share a lab
    1. save your xml file on a web server, or send it to us and we'll store it for you
    2. give out the URL for your xml file:<your url here> 
     > Create an evaluator for a lab